The following payment methods are available in our shop: 


You pay the invoiced amount via the online provider Paypal. For this you must have a Paypal account, which you log into by entering your access data. You then confirm the payment order to us (possible exception: guest access). Further information is provided during the ordering process.


Credit card 

Your credit card is charged upon completion of the order. 




SEPA Direct Debit

We draw the invoice amount of your order from your deposited bank account after the transacted order.  


Simply choose the payment method that suits you best. The shipping costs are partly dependent on the chosen payment method.

The prices quoted in the respective offers represent final prices in the European area. They include all price components including any applicable taxes such as value added tax.

Only in the case of cross-border delivery may further taxes (e.g. in the case of an intra-Community acquisition) and/or charges (e.g. customs duties) be payable by you in individual cases, but not to the seller, but to the customs or tax authorities responsible there.

In the USA and China, the prices are shown exclusive of VAT.

The resulting delivery and shipping costs are not included in the purchase price, they can be called up via the "Shipping Costs" page, are shown separately during the ordering process and are to be borne by you additionally.